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Noun [shuhf-uhl-ahy-tis]

a condition caused by being reassigned to a different Medicaid plan. Symptoms may include feelings of confusion and uncertainty. The best treatment is to choose a new Medicaid plan.

You can switch to Anthem before March 31

Effective January 1st, 2022, the state of Nevada assigned many Medicaid members to a new health plan. The new plan may not be the one you picked for yourself or your family. And you may not have the same doctors or extra benefits as before. Your health plan is your choice. If you want a new health plan or to go back to the plan you had before, now is the time — and it’s easy to do.

How to switch to Anthem

You can switch your health plan in one of these ways:

Send an email to Nevada Medicaid.

Make sure to include your name and Medicaid ID, and the names and Medicaid IDs of the main insurance holder and any children in the home.

Call your local Medicaid District Office at

775-687-1900 (Northern Nevada) or

702-668-4200 (Southern Nevada)

Anthem Nevada Medicaid Switch Index - 11/2021

Download and fill out an MCO change form and mail to:

Nevada Medicaid
Attn. MCO Changes
P.O. Box 30042
Reno, NV, 89520

If you were assigned to Anthem, you don't have to to do anything to stay with us!

It’s worth it to switch to Anthem!

Choose from high-quality providers

We work with thousands of leading doctors and hospitals to help you with the care you need. Use our search tool to see all the providers in our plan.

Enjoy extra benefits with Anthem

You receive all your standard Nevada Medicaid or Check Up benefits, plus extras to make your life easier.

Note: Some benefits have eligibility requirements.

Help for enrolling with Anthem

Call your local Medicaid District Office at 775-687-1900 (Northern Nevada) or 702-668-4200 (Southern Nevada) if you need help enrolling with us.